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BLOGS:  BeyondBlue at  Therese Borchard (Annapolis, MD) posts her thoughts and insights into  her daily struggles and spiritual journey into mental health. This blog picks up the continuing story from  her book of the same title: Beyond Blue: Surviving Depression & Anxiety.  Brain is an award-winning health and science blog that covers brain related  topics and  review the most impactful news and research related to raising awareness  and promoting the  advancement of neurological and mental health patient welfare,  education, and research. Bring Change 2  is working to end the stigma and discrimination of mental illness. Read the    stories and blogs featured on this website (created by actress, Glenn Close and her sister Jessie). BringChange2Mind partners with NAMI WALKS in states around the US.   Healthy is the largest consumer mental health site, providing comprehensive, trusted information on psychological disorders and psychiatric medications from both a consumer and  expert point of view. Find links to over 20 top mental health blogs. Psych Central Blogs features  links to almost 100 blogs highlighting different topics and concerns in mental health and psychology, bringing fresh perspectives, ideas and news updates in small, digestable nuggets. FREE APPS!   Finding   Download these self-tracking applications, designed to help you increase your understanding of all the things that affect your mental health. The apps can help detect patterns in your health and develop strategies to proactively manage depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions. (Developed for MacOSX, Windows, IPad and IPhone) Blogs provide latest...

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